Weather Stripping Installation

Keep your house warmer, your heating bill lower, and keep insects out. Whether you install it, or you hire us to do it for you, weather stripping is a smart investment.

Weather stripping a front door can save hundreds of dollars over a year’s period. It also keeps rain, insects and the cold drafts out. A wood door shrinks and expands over time causing gaps in the existing dry and cracked weather stripping. It is a good idea to check it periodically.

To install weather stripping correctly close the door tightly from the inside and look around the perimeter to see if you can see light, also put your hand over the door and the jamb to feel for cold air. Remove the existing weather stripping, if it is foam gently peel away and take an old toothbrush and use rubbing alcohol to remove the residue and dry. If it is the old copper with the nails or metal gently remove with a pry bar or a slotted screwdriver.

Once removed, depending on the size of the gap, they make a variety of products from sticky foam, vinyl and metal. The foam with the sticky back is pretty easy to work with and it is relatively cheap, just a preference but they all work well.

To install, start at the top hinge side, with the door closed and you on the outside, gently pull back the paper and stick the sticky side to the door jamb, just touching the door and press firmly, and keep going until you reach the ground. Then cut off flush with the bottom of the jamb. Now go back to the hinge side and repeat going vertically down the hinge side. Disregard the white paper and go inside and close the door to inspect as mentioned earlier.

To seal the bottom of the door a simple rubber or brush sweep can be applied by removing the existing (if there is one) and taking a metal snips and cutting to size while the door is shut. Then position them so no air or light shows through the bottom.

These two little things can save you a nice chunk of money and keep your house warmer and insect free for very little cost and effort.

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