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Here's how we approach installing a home mailbox. While mailboxes are typically a boring topic, they serve an important function in our daily living. Many of us have a mailbox in desperate need of replacement, and to install a brand new one, there are several questions you must ask. By asking yourself these questions before the project begins, you can avoid several common pitfalls.

Am I keeping my utilities safe?
If you are adding a mailbox on a post, and are unsure whether you are digging up your utilities, you can simply call 811 on your phone. They will send someone to your home to mark them for you. While you may have to wait a while before the technician arrives, allowing them to handle locating your utilities will save you a great deal of time and hassle over the long haul. Don’t dig without receiving confirmation that your utilities are safe.

What style mailbox should we install?
The style of the mailbox is something few of us consider, as we believe all mailboxes are created equal. But once you begin the installation process, you’ll notice the differences in each style. You can choose between wood and plastic, top mounted vs. those that extend on an arm, or you can select a mailbox that comes with a planter mounted on the back. The styles are really endless.

Is It properly positioned?
When installing your mailbox, make sure it is not spilling out into the street. Otherwise, you could have to buy a new one when your aunt crashes into it during her next visit. Pay close attention during the process of mounting the mailbox, so you can ensure its continued safety and the safety of your visitors. Also, if you’re installing your mailbox on your house, make sure it’s positioned at a height that makes it easy for you and your family to get the mail out of the box.

Can I do it myself?
Fortunately, installing a mailbox successfully is not too difficult. It takes some time to do, yes, and requires some tools. But generally it is not a huge project. If you’re a weekend warrior, and want to give it a shot, there are tons of DIY videos available online to learn how to install a mailbox.

Otherwise, give us a call and we’d be happy to give you a quote to help you with installing your new mailbox.

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