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Creating a safe home environment is a top priority for every household. And one of the most common injuries are those due to falls. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, falls on stairs occur every day. One of the most reliable ways to prevent falls is to have handrails installed or fixed. Depending on the type of railing you want installed and where you want it installed, there can be numerous specialty items needed.

Indoor hand rails on stairs are essential and can come in all shapes and materials. From basic wooden poles all the way to ornate wrought iron, one thing is essential: proper installation. This includes staying compliant with building codes. Most building codes require a handrail for any stairs that have four or more risers. But the most important reason to have properly installed and secured handrails is to ensure the safety of you and anyone else in your home. Navigating the installation of handrails can be tricky. There are height requirements, and in order to be safely installed the mounting hardware needs to be installed in studs. If handrails are installed loosely or not securely this can lead to a fall if the handrail does not support the weight of the person using it. Careful measurement is key to a properly installed rail, and this can take some special tools such as a contractors level and chalk tape. Also depending on the type of railing you are having installed, it may require power tools such as miter saws in order to cut corners and returns.

Outdoor stairs are just as important as indoors, if not more. Due to the fact that your outdoor stairs will be subjected to rain and snow here in the Tacoma, WA, University Place, Lakewood, Federal Way, Puyallup, Washington weather, this can cause a slippery situation. Having something to hold on to is key to avoiding falls outdoors. This also goes for decks, and especially pool decks. Millions of people are treated each year due to injuries that are the result of falls, but many of these can be prevented with proper railing. Outdoor railing can be tricky depending on the type of surface your are having it installed on. If you are adding metal railing to concrete steps, then special tools like a hammer drill may be needed to create a hole in the concrete without cracking the steps. It is also important to have your anchors line up exactly to prevent having a loose or out of line railing. Sleeve anchors provide strong support in solid concrete. But the pressure the anchors exert as you tighten the nuts can crack or “blow out” concrete that’s not structurally sound, so be sure that your steps are solid before having your railing installed. Handrailing doesn’t just have to be functional, it can also be a focal point for your outdoor staircases. Adding decorative touches like scroll work or copper caps can create a piece of useful art in your yard.

There are thousands of styles of hand rails, but only one true reason to install them is safety.

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