Bathroom Tiling Overview

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Why Tiling?
Tiling is one of the most popular floor and wall coverings for updating bathrooms. While it has grown in popularity in the recent years, bathroom tiling is not new. The 1930‘s and 1940‘s gave us lovely shades of pink subway tiles bordered with black (a color combo that is making a comeback now) and the 1950‘s -1980‘s gave a dizzying array of green, blue, pink and black subway-tiled bathrooms. The occasional white octagon tiled bathroom of the past era is a treasure to be found in some of the older, well-kept homes.

The modern bathroom tiling of today has no color limits, as the color can be customized. Tile size is not an issue and the material tiles are made from span the gamut from glass to recycled material to terra cotta. The only thing that limits the tile design in a bathroom updating project is your imagination.

Durability Tile has stood the test of time and provides durable versatility for the homeowner, that’s what has made it a classic go-to material for new and updated bathrooms. The easy-care tile surface needs little more that a wipe down with disinfectant to remain clean, shiny and looking good-as-new. Some makers and/or installers recommend applying wax to wall and countertop tiled surfaces (not tile flooring) to prevent water stains, soap scum buildup, grout discoloration and make clean up a cinch.

Mix and Match The wide array of colors, sizes and materials allows the homeowner to create their own unique bathroom design using tiles. Monochromatic shower tiles are often bordered at eye-level with a pop of tile color, or the vanity backsplash may be a place you want to put your own personal tile touch. A bathroom with a large floor space can have a unique design created in the center of the floor using tile for the WOW factor of the room.

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