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A new backsplash will add pop to your kitchen or bathroom. Give us a call today to discuss your project and to schedule a in-home estimate.

Why a new backsplash? 
The backsplash can add that special something to any kitchen. It’s the part where you can really let your personality shine in the kitchen. And with all the available options, it’s easy to have form, function, beauty and a little bit of yourself shine through in the backsplash
Here are some ideas for a kitchen backsplash if you’re considering updating your kitchen.

Backpainted Glass
Glass tiles, painted on the backside provide color, sparkle and a durable backsplash in various sizes. Backpainted glass is an affordable and easy to clean material for creating a one-of-a-kind kitchen backsplash.

Countertop Extension
Extend the countertop material up the wall to create a backsplash that is durable and will provide a unified look in the kitchen. Extend the chosen countertop material up the wall as high as desired anytime a new countertop is installed. This will give you a unified look, and make for easy cleanup.

Combination Material
You can also mix it up and use a combination of materials. A kitchen backsplash doesn’t have to be all the same material. Create your own unique blend of materials by applying wall paint in some areas, ceramic tile in other areas, and then add a pop of color by using sparkling glass tiles, and you’ll design a kitchen that is functional, unique, and beautiful.

Tile It
Tile is a durable, easy-to-clean and there are many styles, sizes and colors to select from – Mosaic tile, subway tile, glass, ceramic and terra-cotta are just a few of the types and styles of tile you can select from. Sheets of tile make installation quick and easy and tile prices are affordable for everyone looking to update the kitchen.

Tin Squares
Copper, painted or natural tin squares can provide your kitchen with a vintage look and feel. Decorative tin squares are easy to install and provide durable function and beauty to any kitchen. Tin squares are easy to cut to size and install as a backsplash, cabinet fronts, baseboards, toe-kick protectors on door and elsewhere in the kitchen to create a cohesive look.

Wall Paint
The most affordable and changeable backsplash option is wall paint. An oil based, high-gloss paint is easy to clean, resists staining and will lasts for years. Applying wall paint to the backsplash area is an easy DIY project.

Wood beadboard is an affordable and decorative backsplash option for a kitchen update. Beadboard can be purchased natural, primed or primed and painted and cut to size at any home improvement center.

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