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Roof raking service will protect your roof and your house, and remove that heavy damaging snow from your roof today! Give us a call or email us for your free estimate.

Why roof rake? Snow is heavy, and when it continues to build up on your roof over the winter it can cause your roof to collapse. Ice damming is another issue caused by snow accumulation on the roof of a home. But who wants to go outside in the freezing cold, climb up on the roof and remove several feet of snow. It’s a dangerous, precarious and needful task that fortunately you don’t have to do yourself.

Crushed Roof
The weight of a few inches of snow on your roof can be enough to crush the roof. A large or small cave-in can occur in the dead of winter and cost a homeowner much more to replace than the services of a roof raking service. Consider how much it would cost you for a total roof replacement, then compare that price against the cost of having your roof raked by a professional service.

Ice Damming
As the snow lies on your roof and outdoor temperatures rise and the heated air from within the home rises, the snow begins to melt. The melted snow runs towards the roof’s edge, down soffits and into gutters, freezing and forming ice dams. As the nighttime temperatures dip below freezing, the snow melt-off freezes, creating a heavy weight that gutters can’t support and causing them to pull away from the home, creating repair costs. The ice attached to the soffits is slowly causing the wood to be compromised and rot, creating a costly repair in the near future. Ice dams are heavy and can also cause a roof to collapse even after the snow has begun to melt on the top and middle of a home’s roof.

Do You Want to Do Roof Raking Yourself?
You can remove the roof snow and ice yourself, but it will have an up-front cost of the purchase of a long-handled roof rake and ladder. Warm clothing and boots to withstand the cold outdoor temperatures while doing the work will also be needed. Being careful not to bury yourself under all the snow and ice your raking off your roof is also a consideration when attempting to do-it-yourself. Your can rake the snow off your roof is you want to, but why would you want to when professionals will do it for you for a minimal expense?

Or if you don’t want to deal with all that, give us a call and we’ll remove the snow from your roof!

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