Picture Hanging

Any space in your home can benefit from a little love on the walls, and there is no better way to display your own personal touch than by hanging your favorite pictures, art and decorations. Give us a call or email us to find out more, or to get an estimate.

Picture-Hanging Tips
Your first consideration for hanging pictures is always the amount of wall space you have to work with. If you are beginning with a large wall and multiple pictures, instead of just hanging the pictures up and hoping you like the composition, consider laying them on the floor in front of the space first. Arrange and rearrange them until you like how everything looks. Once you are satisfied with your results, consider using adhesive picture putty that is easily removed to temporarily hang them in the space before permanently placing them. This way you know you love it before putting holes in your walls.

Another options is to cut out pieces of paper the same size as your pictures and tack those to the wall to ensure you’ll be satisfied with the results. Just trace the size of the frame and put a dot where the hanging fixtures on the back are. Once you like where they are on the wall, you can put your nails or screws through the paper, then just rip the paper off and put your pictures in their place!

If you are grouping pictures on a wall, keep in mind that groupings don’t always have to be the same size, shape, or even symmetrical. Have fun with it. Each space is unique. If you have one large picture and several small ones, place the largest in the center of your space and then arrange the smaller ones around it in a manner that fits your style. If you feel like to you have too many small pieces and want a large piece to make an impact, consider a large mirror as the centerpiece. This can also make your room feel larger and add a nice touch.

Always remember to consider your space. A large picture on a tiny wall or a lone small picture on a large wall will look out of place. If you still need pieces to fill a large space, items like picture boxes, floating shelves or even hanging vases can enhance the artwork you are displaying.

As for the actual hanging of pictures, there will be several things to consider for each piece. First, the hardware that is on the back of the picture will help you figure out what you need to hang the picture. If the picture has a wire on the back to hang it with, picture hanging hooks are your best option and can be found at any hardware store. Some brackets are better hung with properly sized nails in the drywall. For larger pictures or mirrors that are heavy, it may be best to find a stud. For large pictures with a wire, try using two hooks instead of one. Most stores will carry picture-hanging kits that should have what you need to successfully keep your artwork from falling or coming loose (hammer and level not included).

For more eclectic options on how to hang pictures, consider trying hanging by wire, or even ribbon if the art is small and light enough. Screw two hooks into the wall level with each other, hang wire from each end, and hang your pictures on the wire. For individual pictures, have some slack in the line so that the image hangs from the center. If you want to hang multiple pictures from one wire, keep it more taught so that you can space the images how you want without them sliding.

Your style is yours and you should embrace it. You don’t have to use all the same color and size frames if you don’t want to. Mix styles, colors, textures and materials. By mixing modern industrial metal with old faded wood frames you can create a space that is yours and yours alone.

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