Grab Bar Intallation

Falls can happen any time. Give us a call or email us for help installing grab bars in your home.

Falls can happen any time, but they are most likely to happen in the bathroom at home. And once you fall, you are twice as likely to fall again. There are, however steps you can take to prevent home falls. The first and most easiest is to remove tripping hazards, such as throw rugs. The second is to install grab bars in strategic points in the bathroom near the toilet and in your bathtub or shower.

What is a grab bar? A grab bar is a handrail specifically meant to help you safely stand up or sit down in your bathroom or bathtub. They are essential in preventing the all too common fall that can be caused by the slippery environment of the bathroom. And they aren’t just for public restrooms and hospitals. They can provide an extra level of safety to your home, so long as they are properly installed. This can take specialized tools based upon how your bathroom is constructed. Making sure they are installed into studs or sheet rock is essential to prevent them from coming loose from the wall and potentially causing a fall in the process. Most grab bars come in intervals of 16 inch lengths so that they can be installed on studs that are 16 inches apart, which is typical for homes.

Drilling through ceramic tile requires specialized drill bits in order to not crack them, as well as a lower RPM on the drill. If your bathtub is fiberglass material, this can also be difficult to work with and not damage the integrity of the shell. All of these potential problems can be addressed by us and we can work with you to make sure we have a plan specific to your home.

Choosing the proper grab bars for your spaces is important for both safety and looks. Grab bars typically come in either stainless steel, aluminum or plastic, leaving you a plethora of styles to choose from aesthetically. However you should always make sure that the grab bar chosen is of a high enough weight rating to support the weight of anyone using the grab bars. Most grab bars have the ability to be installed horizontally or diagonally. Installation diagonally fits more with the natural movement of the hands, but can cause the length to not be enough to reach two studs. If this is the case, then making sure it is in one stud and the other end secured to the wall with secure wall anchors is essential.

No matter your age or mobility level, everyone is at risk for falls. Taking the time to have a grab bar properly and securely installed can help you reduce that risk for you and your family.

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