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If you have a broken lockset, or are just looking to add some additional security or style to your home, then you are in luck. We’ve installed hundreds of locksets, in a variety of doors. Whether you need a simple lock installed, or want a stronger deadbolt added, we can help, so give us a call today.

For the rest of you, who are just looking for some instructions on installing a lockset, keep reading. With the proper tools and a bit of time, you can do this on your own!

If you’re doing a renovation on your home, changing out your locksets can be a subtle, yet impactful change, creating a cohesive look throughout the exterior and interior of your home. This also allows all of the locks on your home to be keyed alike so that you don’t have to worry about remembering which key goes with each lock. Also, if you’ve installed new doors, they may not have locksets or be compatible with ones from an existing door.

Another reason you may want to change your locksets is if you have recently had work done in your home by a contractor or hired someone for a service where they had access to your keys. It is always better to spend the time and money to be safe knowing you and your family are the only ones with access to the keys for your home. Lastly, if you’ve just purchased your home, you always want to make sure to change out your locks so that you have a fresh set of keys.

Follow these quick steps below to get yourself started on making you home secure and stylish!

Tools Potentially Needed: Electric drill, 7/8” spade drill bit, 2-1/8” hole saw, 3/32” drill bit, Phillips head screwdriver, Tape measure, 1” chisel, Utility knife, Hammer, Combination square, and Awl. Note that you may not need all of these tools depending on if you are replacing locks or installing new locks.

Prepping New Doors
For new, undrilled doors, your first step is to measure where the handles will be. Using shims or door stops, secure the door partially open so that it remains steady while you measure.

Measuring up from the floor, measure 36”, or if the other knobs in your house are at a different height use that measurement for consistency. Mark the door’s edge with a pencil. With the combination square, mark this line across the entire edge of the door and extend it to to one of the door faces for 3”.

New locksets will come with a template to help you measure the proper installation area. Using the template, line up the centerline with the line you have marked on the door. Using a nail or an awl, punch a hole through the center of the template’s face bore, marking the center on the door. Do the same to the template’s edge bore so you know the center of the of the edge bore on the door.

Next is to drill the face bore in the door. Using the hole saw, place the pilot bit on the center you marked and drill a pilot hole. Once the teeth of the hole saw touch the surface of the door, stop and make sure that all teeth of the saw are touching the surface of the door uniformly. Drill the bore, stopping when the tip of the pilot bit reaches through the other side of the door. At this point, move the hole saw to the other side of the door, using the pilot hole to align and finish drilling the face bore.

Now that you have the hole for the face of the door, you can drill the door edge. Using the 7/8” spade bit, drill through the edge at medium speed, using the center you marked as your guide. Once you break through to the face bore you’re finished!

Installing the Lockset
The first step is to install the latch plate to the edge of the door. Insert the latch assembly, being sure that the latch’s bevel faces toward the doorjamb. Using your utility knife, outline the rectangular latch plate, then remove the assembly.

In order for the latch plate to be flush with the edge of the door, you must chisel out the edge of the door to the depth of the plate. Using your chisel, cut along the outline you created to be as deep as the plate is thick. Carefully, working in 1/8” sections, chisel out to the proper depth from the bottom to the top of the outline. Turn the chisel bevel-side down to remove any waste wood. Once finished the plate should sit flush with the edge of the door. Make any small adjustments as necessary. Install the latch assembly again, this time marking the screw holes in the plate. Drill pilot holes for the latch plate, then screw securely in to place.

Next, slide the outside knob with the spindle through the face bore and the latch assembly. Then slide the inside knob over the spindle. Then secure the screws to make sure everything is aligned. Once properly set, tighten the screws with your screwdriver and you have successfully installed a new lockset!

Pre-Drilled Doors
If your doors are pre-drilled, or if you are simply replacing existing locks, this process is much easier and should only require a screwdriver. You may need to make small adjustments to the bore holes and the latch plate cutout to ensure that your new locks sit flush with the door, however the entire process for replacing your locks should take about 15 – 30 minutes per door. Always be sure that the beveled face of the latch faces the door jam so that your door opens and closes properly.

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